BKR International American Region Annual Meeting

28 June, 2021

On June 28 and 29, 2021, the annual meeting of the American region of #BKR International is being held, the meeting is being led by the president of the Council of the American region, our partner Raymi J Mejia (MLA – Santo Domingo)

This meeting is being held virtually with the participation of more than 175 people, composed mainly of the partners of the member firms of BKR Americas.
The central theme of the meeting is “Driven by Innovation….Sustainability for all”.

Our partner Raymi J Mejia ends with this great event the presidency of the Council of the American Region; Based on his experience and collaboration in his term in office, as well as having spent 8 years on the Council of the American Region, Mr. Raymi Mejia has been suggested and approved to become the World Council of BKR International.