Macro Indicators of the Dominican Tourism Sector

The Dashboard of the Dominican Tourism Sector is a dynamic tool that seeks to provide its users with the presentation of key local and international information about the sector through graphics and indicators adaptable to user needs.

With this tool, users can access the information through the web at any time, view the main indicators, use filters and consult interactive graphics; all this in order to provide useful information for monitoring the sector, its study and for decision-making.

The tool presents three types of information:

  • Key indicators of the sector’s behavior (based on available public information)
  • Comparative financial indicators of hotels.
  • Expected trends based on historical behavior.


Main conclusions:

  • The total arrival of travelers via air in July 2021 was 616 thousand, which represented about 22% more arrivals than in June of the same year, this places July as the month with the most arrivals during 2021. At the same time, it shows a recovery of 97% of arrivals compared to the same month in 2019.
  • 91% of the total arrivals via area in July 2021 correspond to arrivals of “Non-residents”, which is equivalent to 563 thousand passengers. Of these, 73% were foreigners and the rest were Dominican. This proportion is observed less in relation to the year 2019, where for the same month the arrival of Foreigners represented 80% of the total arrivals of Non-Residents.
  • Of the total accumulated arrivals in July of Foreign Non-Residents in 2021, the country of origin with the greatest weight is the United States, which represents 70.46% of accumulated arrivals, followed by Puerto Rico with 3.02% and Spain with 2.91% of the arrivals. It is noted that Canada does not show recovery since it only accumulates 13,167 arrivals, which represents 0.77% of the total during 2021 compared to the 16.65% that it represented in 2019.
  • In July 2021, the Punta Cana and Las Américas International Airports received the highest number of passenger arrivals via air, representing 40% and 35% of total arrivals for the month respectively. It is the second time of the year where the Punta Cana International Airport receives a greater number of travelers than the Las Américas International Airport, reaching 247 thousand arrivals. June was the first. This indicates a recovery in the trend of arrivals by Airport.
  • According to the characteristics of the total arrivals by air in July 2021, it is observed:
    • Arrivals of Non-Residents between 21 and 35 years old registered the highest number of travelers during the month, reaching 170,487 people, followed by travelers between 36 and 49 years old with 159,098 people.
    • 46% of the total arrivals in July 2021 stayed in hotels, showing a decrease of 9 percentage points compared to June (53%). However, the number of hotel accommodations was higher in July (285 thousand) than in June (265 thousand).

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