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We begin our work by putting into practice the studies and evaluations of the operations and the accountable systems of the firms with the purpose of suggesting the establishment of the necessary administrative controls, as well as the use of forms and reports that guarantee generation of reliable accounting and financial information.

We supply general accounting services according to IFRS from the IASB Committee. These services can include, depending on the requirements of each firm, the following:

• Business Accounting
• Support and implementation of accounting software
• Review and implementation of accounting
• Compilation of financial statements
• Assessment of internal controls
• Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Payroll Processing
• Processing the payroll
• Professional Accounting
• Chart of Accounts Design
• Reporting on business management (Balances, Cash Flows, Budgets, etc.).
• Recruiting and training staff financial area.


Avenida Sarasota # 136, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana Teléfono: (809) 482-0838, Fax: (809) 482-0716

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