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Assurance Services - Audit


The main purpose of this area is to inform the client whether there is consistency between the figures and the economic events reflected in the financial statements of its company or business, in accordance with International Accounting Standards or other bases for preparation.

Our services include the following:
• Audit of Financial Statements
• Auditing for buying and selling companies (Due Diligence)
• Compilation of financial statements
• Review of Financial Statements
• Certified Agreements
• Agreed-Upon Procedures
• Financial projections
• Fraud Investigation
• Review and design of internal control systems
• Reviews of specific items of financial statements
• Limited review of interim financial statements dates
• Agreed procedures
• Compiling reports
• Examination of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS.
• Agreed-Upon Procedures
• Due Diligence
• Reviews of internal control and design of effective controls.
• Limited reviews of interim financial statements and specific areas.
• Advice on mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and liquidations


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